S&T Advisory Council

The R&D activities at C4DI will be piloted to keep abreast with latest technology and scientific information to enable it an international level of recognition. The following Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (S&TAC) will advise C4DI in its endeavors, which is being chaired by Dr.V.K. Agarwal, who is also President of C4DI.Wausau City Council from right_jpg_475x310_q85

  1. Dr. V.K. Agarwal, Ahmedabad/India, ex-Chief Scientist, SAC/ISRO (View CV)
  2. Chirag Shastri, Executive Director, C4DI (View CV)
  3. Dr. Anil Kane, Vadodara/India, ex-VC, MSU and President, World Wind Energy Association (View CV)
  4. Dr. R.R. Kelkar, Pune/India, ex-Director General, India Met. Depart.
  5. Dr. T. Harinarayanan, Gandhinagar/India, Director, Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute (View CV)
  6. Prof. A.K. Singh, Gandhinagar/India, Head, MODI Institute, Jaipur (View CV)
  7. Dr Hitesh A Solanki, Head, Dept. of Environment, Gujarat University (View CV)
  8. Dr. A.D. Rao, New Delhi/India, Prof., CAOS, IIT/Delhi
  9. Prof. Ramesh Singh, USA, Prof., Chapman University
  10. Dr. Ashbindu Singh, USA, Chief, Early Warning Branch, UNEP
  11. Dr. Rob Allan, UK, Project Manager, Int. ACRE, Hadley Climate Research Centre
  12. Dr. J. Pathak, Canada, Scientist,  York University