Sustainability of any development initiative will have to ensure continued satisfaction of human  needs for present and future generations and it would automatically imply a very intimate  connection of development with conservation of climate and natural resources (as recognized  during Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, June 14, 1992 leading to adaptation of Agenda 21) as the  base line concept. Therefore, a holistic approach to development will be a balance between  natural resources, societal needs and environment. The development mechanism will have to  spell out understanding of strategic responses based on mutual inter-dependencies of these  factors. Since, most of the problems have their unique information requirements, the solutions  will require independent and innovative designs and therefore, call for extensive research and  development work and system studies. The Center for Climate Change & Clean Development  Initiatives (hereafter referred to as C4DI as an acronym) has been envisioned to fulfill these  needs.

C4DI goals:

  • The primary goal of the centre is to develop viable decision support system to enable an optimized planning and execution framework for any development initiative or modification to an existing project such that it has minimum impact on climate and environment as well as ensure its sustainability.
  • C4DI will undertake consultancy, system studies, project design & execution, and Research & Development work to evolve viable Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to ensure optimal sustainability of any project in all aspects
  • The centre will be reliant on extensively use of geo-informatics models, models for natural resource usages, efficiency of available technologies, economic impacts, models for climate & environmental changes, societal usage pattern, relationship with legal and policy changes etc. to provide holistic information. Confidentiality of the information will be ensured as per agreement between client and C4DI.
  • C4DI will also be geared for enabling verification of the clean methodologies on the basis of established practices as per United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN-FCCC) and other related verifiers and help estimate carbon credits.
  • C4DI will also indulge in economic and actuarial modeling to assess economic impacts of the suggested clean development methodology to enable policy makers arrive at a viable policy alternative.
  • C4DI will also fulfill its societal obligation through public awareness campaigns and participate in human resource development efforts by imparting training to students and professionals seeking a career in these fields.