S&T Experts

Scientific & Technical Experts

Though, a holistic-approach to sustainable development will require an understanding of mutual interdependencies of all components of a developing system, our expertise is available in the core areas encompassing: environment, geoinformatics, social studies, education & training, legal & policy analysis, and economic & financial analysis. The centre has a large support group in terms of its scientific and technical expertise. The following is a growing list of our associates helping the centre in its scientific and technical pursuit:

  1. V.K. Agarwal, Ahmedabad, ex-chief scientist, Climate change/ISRO

Dr. Agarwal is a Physicist, Ph.D. from IIT/Kanpur, and has worked with ISRO for over 30 years in various positions last being Chief Scientist and has been the lead person for ISRO’s Meteorology, oceanography and climate programme. He and his team at SAC/ISRO has developed comprehensive systems for weather and climate information using integration of automatic data collection platforms, satellite remote sensing and numerical models. He has worked extensive with numerical models for forecasts of weather, climate and ocean state for the country. He has led numerous national committees in these fields. He has more than 60 peer reviewed papers, more than 10 very important reports and over 300 conference presentations.

  1. S.K. Gupta, Ahmedabad, ex-PRL scientist (Hydrology & water analysis)

Dr. Gupta has more than 30 years of experience in hydrology and has been one of the pioneer in the country performing isotopic analysis of water coming from different sources. He is a national coordinator for DST/GOI project IWIN. He has written a book on sustainable hydrology which has been distributed internationally.

  1. P.S. Thakkar, Ahmedabad, ex-SAC, Archeologist & Remote Sensing

Dr. Thakkar is a remote sensing specialist and has worked in ISRO for over 30 years. His field of specialization has been application of remote sensing data to archeology. He has undertaken numerous field trips right from Mansarovar to Kutch based grooming ground of flamingoes. He is an done extensive research related to lost Saraswati River.

  1. Chirag Shastri, Ahmedabad, Executive Director, C4DI (Climate change analysis)

Mr. Chirag is executive director of C4DI and has worked extensive in the field of public laws related to land reforms and development. He has also worked to develop sustainable systems for horticulture, environmental preservation and waste management.

  1. Anjali. Bahuguna, Ahmedabad, ex-SAC Scientist (Marine biology & coastal eco-systems)

Dr. Bahuguna is a marine biologist and has worked extensively to chalk out status of coral reefs in the country using remote sensing and field data. She has also worked to locate potential aquaculture zones for the country. She has over 25 years of experience of working in ISRO.

  1. C.R. Vaidya, Ahmedabad, MD, Compusens Automation (Geo-informatics)

Mr Vaidya is a computer information scientist and has specialized in geonformatic data analysis. He is running a consulting company running GIS jobs for the Gujarat government. He is active in this field for over 30 years.

  1. M.R. Rameshkumar, Goa, NIO (Physical Oceanography & coastal changes)

Dr. Rameshkumar is a scientist with NIO/Goa and has worked extensive for over 30 years in understanding physical processes of the ocean. He has also worked extensively for marine weather and its forecast.

  1. Anamika Govil, New Delhi, Independent consultant (Actuarial Science)

Ms. Anamika is a statistics expert and has been a member of Institute of Acturial Sciences. She provides very vital knowhow about the statistical analysis of the data and data mining.

  1. Dipti Govil, Mumbai, Prof. IIPS, (Public Health)

Dr. Dipti is a professor of public health and has undertaken numerous projects in understanding health aspects of the vulnerable section of the society and impacts of development on their overall status.

  1. Omkar Jani, Ahmedabad, Sr. Consultant, GERMI (Solar Energy & CDM)

Dr. Jani is a solar energy engineer and has developed economic and efficient solar energy harvesting systems. He is also working for efficient energy storage and smart distribution systems.

  1. Sanjay Govil, Lucknow, Independent consultant, (GIS & field data)

Mr Sanjay is running an NGO in Lucknow and is extensively involved working with Government of UP. He has worked on many project like slum rehabilation and development programme of UP, GIS networks for electricity grid and public education and awareness campaign manager. He has experience of over 20 years.

  1. Saurabh Patel, US, (Agro-Climatic Issues)

Mr. Saurabh is a Doctoral Student in US and pursuing  career in Agriculture and Climate Change and their interdependence. advance agriculture practices through which the impact of climate change can be reduced has been his domain since last 4-5 years.

  1. Nishit Pandya, Ahmedabad, C4DI (Climate change projects)

Mr Nishit Pandya is associated with C4DI since its inception. He has worked with both private and public sector organizations for various strategic projects like carbon footprint, solid waste management and environmental management for industries.